Privacy Policy

The user’s personal information is given a top priority by “We Being Fit”. We also know how to use the details of the reader. To better protect your privacy, we have enlightened for you the privacy policy here, that explains the information we use, collect, share, disclose and how we protect your given details. You are free to make any choice about the information you provide to us. We urge you to give it a read thoroughly.

Why This Privacy Policy?

By using the service or otherwise giving us the important personal detail you warrant that you have carefully read, clearly understood as well as agree to practice and bound by the given privacy policy. We hold the right to change any portion modify or add any portion including deleting and updating this policy at our Sole discretion whenever we feel the need (any time). You hereby assent to our use, collection, sharing as well as disclosing your given information the way we have outlined in the Privacy Policy. If you are not sure or don’t feel the need to agree to any of the terms mentioned in the policy at any time, you are mandated to not use any of the services as well as don’t give any information to us for our use. If you are using the service on other’s behalf, you must consent that (a) You accept the privacy policy on behalf of the individual or entity (b) You consent on behalf of the individual or the entity to our use, collection, sharing and disclosing of the information as described in the privacy policy.

Data Collection

We may use your data for our internal statistical use; some of this data may have a possible chance to be sent anonymously to any third parties. This data includes your browser type, the time you have to spend on the website, total pages viewed, the speed connection, operating system. We will store your details in our database, browser session and when in the future you will access this site, we may use your information stored with us. The purpose is to improve a better user experience. Remember, if you delete any cookies or disable the future cookies you may not be able to easily access few area or information from our site. We won’t be selling your personal details that we have collected to any 3rd party.


All the readers’ must be aware that their nonpersonal information will be stored as well as collected by “We Being Fit” Website through the “Cookies”. The sole purpose of collecting cookies is to maintain the crucial details like the login id, login status or any other status, in order to make the user experience better. The reason why cookies are generated is to make the website as well as it functions smooth, if the cookies are disabled by the visitor, they may not be able to experience website functionality well.

Social Media

By using the social media feature on the site for sharing may somehow share your personal data and other personal information to the third parties. This happens usually because of the different social media features present; “likes” “add this” “Share this” and a lot more. Even if you are not using any social sharing features, there are chances that your information will be shared the moment you logged in on your social media and start to browse our site. it is good to check in advance the social media privacy policy and other legalities for any queries you have.

You Assurity

You must consent that you have clearly understood the purpose of your personal information being collected by us. And by using the site you are agreeing to abide by the privacy policy stated here.

Updates in the Privacy

If in future, for any reason, “We Being Fit” decides to make additional changes or delete anything that may not be required. All the changes will be updated on the site, so the viewers are aware of it.

Contact Us

The thing mentioned in the Privacy Policy gives a complete brief about the data we provide and information we collect from you. If there is any queries regard the privacy statement, you can feel free to contact our Privacy Policy team.